The Bird that Flew Free

There was a bird that once flew free
Confident in her convictions
Sure of what she was doing
Knew where she wanted to be

There was a bird that still flew free
But a new chapter opened
It was blank, yet hopeful
She started entered it optimistically

There was a bird that flew falteringly
Her wings became weak
She started to doubt
If her body could carry her reliably

There was a bird who wanted to fly free
But she became stuck in her mindset
Questioning like never before
But she never lost the flicker of a dream

There was a bird who will yet fly free
Her wings outstretched and stature poised
With her own comforting ways
She will have courage and take the leap

For Angelica Bell

I sit and stare at the blank canvas
It stares back, dry and empty waiting
For some colour, to be brought to life
With a single brush stroke

Daughter, he is not your Father
But I will tell you soon, for often
Deceit leaves a lasting stain that lingers
Long after I have moved on

Your sweet cherub face knows no lust, or desire
Like sweet Bloomsbury days
Don’t be angry, or resentful
Understanding is a rare gift to be cherished

My brush leaves a trail across the barren landscape
That sits before me
A fiery orange, warm to the touch
Like the Mediterranean sun searing down

When that glow sets I will write to my sister
Of burnt orange skies and of home
Aunt Virginia writes of her womanly plight
Of freedom of thoughts and words


The pink silk, I am told
Compliments my skin
My posture is firmly held
By the whale bones within

I cling to the bed post
While it’s laced up so tight
I wince at the pain
And my lungs begin to fight

It’s all for good reason, she says
You’ll look pleasing, I’m sure
It doesn’t matter if you faint
And fall to the floor

I’m trapped, unable to escape
A mere slave to fashion
A slave to society
That shows no compassion

I want to work, I want to vote
I have opinions to air
But if I am baron, God forbid
I have failed my husband there

But if I sit here so still
In my corset so pale
It will all work out, see
Society’s plan will prevail